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Our Result

  • Prince

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11622553
  • Vanshaj Chhadha

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 71600668
  • Divyanshau Pal

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11656316
  • Mahipal Singh

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11618042
  • Vikas

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11622553
  • Piyush Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11632503
  • Shalu Tomar

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11602615
  • Akshay Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result (Roll No. 11627073)
  • Akshay Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8419
  • Girijesh Tripathi

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5850
  • Kabir Bajaj

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7486
  • Anand Kr. Pathak

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7466
  • Mayank Goyal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8115
  • Don Kurian Dennis

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8421
  • Vishesh Tuteja

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8781
  • Manjeet Goyat

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9004
  • Rishiraj Asthana

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9713
  • Kashish

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9839
  • Dixant Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9920
  • Ashish Garg

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10043
  • Aman Bansal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10153
  • Anjali

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10188
  • Umesh Garg

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-12663
  • Chandra Kant

    IIT-JEE Result
  • Arya Fathi

    IIT-JEE Result
  • Raja Gopal V.

    IIT-JEE Result
  • R. Aditya

    IIT-JEE Result
  • Gautam Jaiswal

    Gautam Jaiswal
  • Shourya Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1261
  • Devendra Govil

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1067
  • Depan Morwani

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-30
  • Vikas Meena

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1
  • Nandini Kiran

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-31
  • Chandan Kumar

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-48
  • Varun Kishore

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-76
  • Sachin Sanodiya

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1015
  • Sayantan Dutta

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3242
  • Parag Gangil

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1289
  • Akshay Malik

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1302
  • Vishnu Kannujia

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1452
  • Ankit Chaudhary

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1731
  • Shreya Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1748
  • Neilabh Gupta

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1754
  • Ankur Kunder

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1832
  • Nikunj Aeron

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2132
  • Akshya Idoriy

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2277
  • Nagarjun Srivastava

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2736
  • Amal Srivastava

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2778
  • Akshay

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2884
  • Vikas

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1267
  • Kasturi Saha

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3486
  • Lalit Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3712
  • Rohan Poudel

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3917
  • Dipesh

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4654
  • Vineet Bhakhar

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4900
  • Prashank Awasthi

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4912
  • Manuj Monga

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5288
  • Sunny

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5357
  • Risabh

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5372
  • Aman Chaudhry

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-6128
  • Gaurav Nagpal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-6720
  • Yash Vashisht

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7179


Admission Process


Vidya kendrA has a very virtuous back ground in schooling along with preparing students for various competitive exams. We are known for our simplified teaching and highly qualified mentors who always strives for students success. Our methodology revolves around shaping their overall thinking ability - developing their acumen towards the field of Medicines. On the completion of the course students are such prepared that their result itself speaks about the accomplishments after their exam. Success is guaranteed in Vidya kendrA -the only institute with a record of 92% success rate. If somehow some student marginally miss their dream goal, they excels in other equivalent exams with good ranks in the same year but failure is not achieved by anyone. All the credit goes to students hard work and learning environment provided by Vidya kendrA and also the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

Course structure : Extensive approach for all the subjects is used to clear concepts on every topic and Tricky approach is followed to make the concepts memorable for each and every student. Classes are conducted 4/6 days in a week and weekly performance test is also taken to analyze their shortcomings if any. Good scorers are encouraged by prize distribution every week whereas low scorers are given ample time to strengthen their weakness in any particular area. Syllabus is completed well enough in time and thorough brush up is given of the whole syllabus thereafter.

Admission process :

As we do not have tendency to select cream out of cream and all students are treated equally however we emphasize on picking the weak students (to make them excel in their field with our conceptual, tricky as well as memorable approach) from bottom to top by our intensive approach as anybody can be a topper by the strategy we follow and teach. At First, We give Short syllabus of student's choice to prepare for our Admission cum Scholarship Test, Then we take test and offer scholarship accordingly. Sometimes a few meritorious students do not perform well especially if they are not  of good schools, He / She will be taught concepts and tricks for 15 to 20 minutes by Managing Director, Mr. S K Singh himself  to give them equal chance to select but this happens rarely. On that basis test will be taken to see the performance of the students, accordingly the admission and fee concession will be given to the meritorious students.

                                            1 or 2 Year Programme  For

                                       AIIMS / NEET / IIT-Main / Adv.

                                            (Before Class X / XI Result)


Regular Course

1 or 2 Year Programme for 

AIIMS / NEET / IIT-Main / Adv.

 Other related Exams (Before Class X / XI  Result)

Starting From

3rd April

Ending on

January last week

Timing of Classes

4 / 5 days a week for weekdays & Sat. & Sun. for weekends

Teaching hours per day

3 hours for weekdays & 6 hours for weekends


Weekly Mock Test & Test on Board Pattern

Admission Process

Direct admission on the basis of marks in previous class or through Admission Cum Scholarship Test


Crash Course for NEET / IIT-Main (for 12th appearing / pass students)

Course Description :

The entire syllabus is covered in this short period by the best professors. Final countdown course with the most powerful punch of teachers from all over India. Students who have completed their course with other institutes but feel the need for more professional guidance to see them through the examinations. Students who have just appeared their XII and feel they can try at the entrance examination.

 To give the students feel of the actual exams, we will be conducting Mock tests for NEET / AIIMS / IIT-Main / Adv through which child will get to know his rank and analyse his performance for further improvement.

The course will resume next day after XII Board Exams get over and admission process will continue for a week only.

*There will be no break for students attending Crash Course from Repeaters Batch

Foundation Course for Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY & Class VIII / IX / X

Foundation Course

3 / 4 / 5 Year Programme for NTSE / KVPY / Olympiads

& class VIII / IX / X

Starting From

3rd April

Ending on

January last week

Timing of Classes

3 days a week for weekdays & Sat. & Sun. for weekends

Teaching hours per day

2 hours for weekdays & 3 hours for weekends


Weekly Mock Test & Test on Board Pattern

Admission Process

Direct admission on the basis of marks in previous class

or through Admission Cum Scholarship Test


Crash Course for AIIMS / IIT-Adv (for NEET / IIT-Main appeared / Passed).

Crash Course (120 hours) of AIIMS / IIT-Adv. starts next day of NEET / IIT-Main All Top Faculty of our institutes work for this batch, they follow especially designed study material to give the best. Hence we produce superb, unbeatable, percentage success rate year after year. Fee for this course varies from 9000 to 14000 depending upon students performance in IIT-Main / NEET and No. of hours given in the class. Here, Faculty works till last moment of the Exam.


News Update

Admission open for *BRIDGE Course-IIT/NEET* Vidya KendrA is one of the Reputed Coaching Institute for IIT-JEE, AIIMS / PMT and for other competitive examinations. We have been shown or excellence from over 10 years and have been ranked as No-1 Coaching Institute in Delhi for Medical & Engineering Entrance Examination. Admission for New Batches are Open, Grab a Seat for the preparation of upcoming entrance examinations.Guaranteed Success* by S K Singh(FMS, IIT & BARC)* honoured by 'Shiksha-Ratna.

Fresh Batch & Offer We, Vidya Kendra, Premier Coaching for IIT JEE Mains & Advance have achieved India's Best Result in 2017 IIT Mains Exam. Out of total students we taught in year 2016-2017 session, 45% of students Selected in Mains Examination.

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